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Kinsale sisters launch new sustainable clothing brand

September 3rd, 2022 5:50 PM

Kinsale sisters launch new sustainable clothing brand Image
Aoife and Orla Lynch at Garrylucas Beach for the launch of their lifestyle brand Firkail. (Photo: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM Photo)

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TWO Kinsale sisters have launched a lifestyle brand selling clothes and accessories made from 100% organic hemp cotton. Orla and Aoife Lynch were inspired to start the company after growing tired of the disposable world of fast fashion and how the planet and our pockets are suffering because of it. 

Their business Firkail, sells products for women and men designed for everyday living. Materials made from hemp cotton are soft, durable, fully biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 

The product, which requires 50% less water than cotton and consumes more carbon than trees, is pesticide-free and ethically sourced. Hemp also offers natural protection against UV light, which is good news for our skin. The company is already in talks with farmers in the south west who are keen to grow the plant locally. 

Orla says Firkail’s ethos ties in with the sisters’ own long-held beliefs as consumers: ‘Growing up we were always taught to respect and care for our planet and buy Irish. We wanted to create everyday stylish items that were long-lasting, kind and could be shared between generations. Hemp has so many durable qualities and requires far more sustainable processes in making clothes.’

Aoife added that they’re excited to launch a product that’s stylish and ethical: ‘Firkail is the warm hug from hemp you didn’t know you needed. We’ve created a really accessible range of day-to-day clothes like white tee shirts and jumpers. Hemp washes really well so you’ll save money in the long run with our products.’

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