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Our social media commenting guidelines:

We reserve the right to remove without notification comments from our social media pages which are flagged and found in breach of our guidelines.

While we welcome constructive criticism and discussion on our forum, any commentator who abuses others, makes false claims, violates decency or hate legislation, or defames an individual or organisation will be blocked.

Users who indulge in particularly egregious commenting behaviour may be permanently blocked from further participation in conversations. We will not enter into correspondence about deletions or bans.

Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines before commenting

• Do not make personal remarks about the author of a story, about individuals mentioned in stories, or about other commenters. We encourage committed and passionate debate, but insults or insinuations are not part of this.

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• Users who post defamatory content on any Southern Star social media platform will be blocked.

• Don't post sensitive personal information or the personal details of others in the comments.

While we do not and cannot review every comment, we reserve the right to remove any we deem unacceptable without notification. We reserve the right to block at our discretion users who are in breach of these guidelines.

It is Southern Star policy to turn comments off on social media posts about court reports, due to the potential legal implications that can arise from members of the public commenting about the details or outcome of a case outside of a court setting.