Glengarriff Castle’s €6m reno project

April 15th, 2022 11:50 AM

By Emma Connolly

The internal fit-out of the castle will get underway this month.

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RESTORATION work is well under way on the historic Glengarriff Castle.

Businessman Peter McGill, based in Holywood, Co Down, bought the roofless ruins last June which had been guiding €2.75m.

The roof of the Gothic castle and internal floors have now been replaced after 40 years of degradation.

‘We discovered that the “basement” was indeed the ground floor initially. There were windows which had been sealed up and the ground then back filled to make it a basement. We have taken away the backfill and restored the window opening so that the castle is now three-storey all above ground with views of Glengarriff Harbour from every floor,’ said Peter.

A total of 67 new windows and doors will finally render the castle weatherproof before a lime render is applied in May.

‘The internal fit-out is commencing this month with an anticipated completion in December,’ he said.

Peter is appointing an estate manager to protect the flora and fauna on the 87-acre estate. There are also barn owl boxes and bat dedicated structures on site and it is hoped to create a suitable environment for red squirrels while maintaining a sanctuary for the Sika deer and the indigenous wildlife on the estate

‘To date the capital expenditure is in the order of €4m and it’s anticipated that the project’s final cost will be c. €6m,’ said Peter.  The castle will be a home for Peter and his wife.

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