Woman’s pet dog killed by two bulldogs

March 3rd, 2021 11:55 AM

By Southern Star Team

The defendant pleaded guilty to not having control of his dogs

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AN elderly Kinsale woman out walking her Jack Russell was knocked to the ground by two bulldogs who then snatched her dog in their mouths and killed it, a court heard.

At Bandon District Court, William Crowley of 3 O’Neills Villas, Barrack Street, Kinsale pleaded guilty to not having control of his dogs near his home last year.

Sgt Trish O’Sullivan told the court that on March 3rd last at 2pm an elderly lady was out walking her dog on Barrack Street in Kinsale.

‘Two loose bulldogs ran towards her, knocked her to the ground and seized her dog in their mouths and ran off and killed it,’ said Sgt O’Sullivan.

Sgt O’Sullivan said that the injured party did go to her doctor after the incident as she was in shock and had a pain in her back.

Solicitor Kate Hallissey said her client was ‘absolutely shocked’ at what happened as the dogs – whom he has had for 11 years –  had never escaped before from his garden.

‘The gate was locked when he left and he can’t figure out how they escaped. He went to the elderly lady after the incident but she didn’t want to discuss it and he even contacted her niece too,’ said Ms Hallissey.

The court heard that Mr Crowley has re-homed the dogs with a single man living in Kerry who is aware of the situation and that the dogs are old now.

Judge Colm Roberts suggested that a letter of apology might be more appropriate in this case.

‘The art form of writing a letter seems to be dying a bit and the best part about a letter is that you can come back to it later,’ said Judge Roberts.

Judge Roberts said the lady would be welcome to come to the court at any time that suits her.

He said this was a horrible incident that could stop her from going out.

The judge noted that the accused took full responsibility for what happened and had met the case in a honourable way.

The case has been adjourned until March 4th.

This is to allow the accused write a letter of apology to the lady and for gardaí to update the court on her situation.

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