Macroom gardaí probe prostitution claims

November 9th, 2020 10:30 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Claims have been made that men are stopping outside the graveyard on the Killarney Road in Macroom and having sex with women in their cars there.

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GARDAÍ in Macroom have confirmed that they are investigating allegations of a mobile prostitution service operating along the Killarney Road area of the town.

A phone call made to Macroom garda station in recent weeks, in which a conversation was recorded between a  female caller and a garda was widely shared on social media.

The caller alleges in the conversation that a number of indecent incidents have taken place in the town. The garda then confirms that gardaí are aware of the allegations.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Supt Joe Moore of Macroom Garda Station  confirmed that the call – which was recorded by the caller – was genuine and made to them recently.

‘It is a call to Macroom Garda Station and everything that is reported to us we have to investigate. We are investigating all the reports we have received,’ said Supt Moore.

‘We are making contact with all parties including the person who made the report and we are aware of the audio clip being circulated,’ he added.

Supt Moore said there has been a lot of reporting about it and he added that broadcasting any material that could lead to hate crimes is against the law.

The call was posted on at least two Irish websites and Twitter.

‘All reports that come into us here are investigated and any person making a report will be contacted by the gardaí if they wish to engage with the gardaí after that.’

During the call, the woman is heard saying that her mother had brought her grand daughter, aged 8, down  to  the Castle Grounds where she saw a woman ‘with her dress up around her shoulders and a man in between her legs, in public view, absolutely no shame.’

She also claims men are stopping outside the graveyard on the Killarney Road and having sex with women in their cars there.

Meanwhile, a local community activist in Macroom said the recorded call was ‘cruel’ and ‘punching down’ on vulnerable people in the community.

Síle Ní Dhubhgaill said the allegations made in the call are ‘complete nonsense’ and they are hurtful for some vulnerable women living in Macroom.

‘Everyone in the town knows these allegations are completely untrue and when you make up fantasy allegations like that against vulnerable members of the community, it’s damaging,’ said Síle.

‘There are families ¬– women and children – and they deserve more respect than that,’ she said.

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