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Hopes to bring West Cork Rally stage closer to Clonakilty town

Monday, 21st October, 2019 9:00am
Hopes to bring West Cork Rally stage closer to Clonakilty town

The 2020 West Cork Rally Committee, from left, Robert Walsh, joint PRO, Neil Whelton, chairperson and joint PRO, John O’Donovan, secretary, and Noel White, treasurer. (Photo: Martin Walsh)



THE local West Cork Rally Committee, who held their annual general meeting at the Clonakilty Park Hotel earlier this month, are hoping that next year’s rally, that will again count towards the Irish Tarmac and British Rally Championships, will be able to have a stage closer to the award-winning town.

Commenting after the meeting, Robert Walsh said, ‘The fact that the rally was a round of the British Rally Championship certainly enhanced the event, the competition came up another level. It probably didn’t bring the crowds that we expected but that is something we can work on.’

On plans for next year, Neil Whelton commented, ‘It’s more of the same, maintain the high standards and keep running a safe and enjoyable


Robert Walsh concluded, ‘At this point, we have only had preliminary discussion with the Cork Motor Club but we are hoping to have a stage closer to the town in 2020. We skirted the town this year but next year we are hoping to do something better.

‘Considering the pressure Clonakilty has been under with the works that are on-going, the town is remarkable really and it always comes up trumps. There is a realisation between ourselves and the rally that one is complementing the other and it’s getting better, but obviously, there is a lot more work being put into it (the rally) as well.’

The new officers are: Chairperson, Neil Whelton; Secretarys John O’Donovan, Treasurer, Noel White; PROs Neil Whelton and Robert Walsh.