Tree to remember those we have lost

January 8th, 2022 7:05 AM

By Southern Star Team

At the blessing of the remembrance tree at Foley Funeral Directors in Clonakilty were (from left): Denise Foley, Aileen Hart, Joan Mulcahy, Rev Kingsley Sutton, John Michael Foley, John Mulcahy, John Foley and Monsignor Aidan O’Driscoll. (Photo: Martin Walsh)

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THE director of a West Cork funeral home has marked the losses suffered over the past year with a tree of remembrance.

John-Michael Foley of Foley Funeral Directors in Clonakilty and Timoleauge has erected the special tree outside their premises in Clonakilty, where it’s proving a comfort to many.

John-Michael said: ‘I have had the privilege of helping many in our local communities to put their loved ones to rest; but since the pandemic has struck so bitterly, many have not been able to properly grieve their loved ones who have passed away.

‘Since the onset of this global virus, Covid restrictions have forced us to have very small gatherings to mourn the deceased.

‘This leaves the grieving process completely unfinished with a lingering numbness from being unable to properly say their final goodbyes.

‘Though the small gatherings were sadly unfortunate, it allowed me a closeness with the family where I experienced their grief much more intimately,’ he said.

This, he said, brought him to the thought of doing a tree of remembrance for those lost during this pandemic.’

The remembrance tree is lit up and adorned with special ornaments with the name of each lost loved one.

‘This tree is our small token to honour the loved ones lost during this pandemic and hopefully will help to aid in the grieving process.

‘Wishing peace to all the hearts of those who are still mourning,’ said John-Michael and his wife Denise.

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