‘There was never a death threat,’ says Ian Bailey

August 10th, 2021 10:10 PM

By Brian Moore

'I am extremely new to social media'.

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‘THERE was no death threat as such, but there was a suggestion that I might be in danger of harm,’ Ian Bailey told The Southern Star after weekend reports a ‘death threat’ had been issued against the former journalist.

He said he was approached by two gardaí at Schull farmers’ market at the weekend.

Mr Bailey, who has been convicted in absentia by a French court of the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan Du Planter, said that two gardaí told him last Sunday that they had received a recorded telephone message at Schull garda station, suggesting harm may come to him.

Contrary to reports in a national newspaper, Bailey told The Southern Star that it was never a death threat. ‘No, not a death threat, but more of a suggestion to use violence against me,’ Ian Bailey said. Asked if he was concerned for his safety, Mr Bailey said: ‘I was shocked at first, but I’ll just keep buggering on, what else can you do?’

Bailey also spoke of what he described as a ‘honey trap’ set up on social media, which he said purported to support his claims of innocence, but was in fact an attempt to frame him.

‘I am extremely new to social media but I am learning fast how to manage it. I smelled a rat when I read some of the comments,’ Bailey said. He also said that he has been contacted by people from across the globe on social media, including many young women – some photos of whom he has posted on his Twitter account. ‘These are my Facebook lady friends. I posted these on Twitter by mistake, but they are all real and well educated young ladies,’ Mr Bailey said.

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