Searchlight was used to find two missing Gougane Barra walkers

December 3rd, 2021 7:05 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Rescue 115 helicopter using the ‘night-sun’ searchlight to illumiate the area where two young walkers were rescued in Gougane Barra. (Photo: Neil Lucey)

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TWO young walkers who got trapped on rough and exposed ground in Gougane Barra were rescued after a rescue helicopter used a ‘night-sun’ searchlight to illuminate their location to guide the rescue teams.

The Rescue 115 helicopter from Shannon Airport was tasked to the scene along with local rescuers, members of the Kerry Mountain Rescue team and emergency services once the alarm was raised last Sunday.

With the assistance of locals, Rescue 115 was able to pinpoint the location of the pair and then illuminate the area with their powerful ‘night-sun’ searchlight.

This in turn helped guide the Kerry Mountain Rescue team and local rescuers to the location, from where the pair were brought to safety.

‘Our infra-red camera also gave us a very clear view of the area and allowed us to talk the ground rescuers into that precise casualty location,’ said a Rescue 115 spokesperson.

‘This tasking highlighted the importance of a multi-agency response, all working closely together to accomplish the goal and also the value of local knowledge and the willingness of local people to come to the assistance of those in need.’

Hotelier Neil Lucey of the Gougane Barra Hotel captured the rescue in a stunning photograph.

His image, right, shows the light from Rescue 115 shining down on the hill to guide the rescue team on the ground.

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