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Macroom should get cycle lanes says SD Síle

Thursday, 18th April, 2019 5:10pm

Story by Kieran O'Mahony
Macroom should get cycle lanes says SD Síle

Cycle lanes in Macroom would be a healthy addition to the town, said the Social Democrat candidate.

A SOCIAL Democrat (SD) candidate in this year’s local elections is calling for the introduction of cycling infrastructure in Macroom.

Síle Ní Dhubhghaill said that cycling is a healthy way to commute to work and school, as well as being kind to the environment.

‘At a time when concern about climate change is high, it makes sense to encourage more people to cycle. At present we have no cycle lanes in Macroom and the arrival of the bypass provides the perfect opportunity to examine our local cycling infrastructure, as the traffic volume in the town centre will be altered,’ said Síle.

She also pointed out that encouraging local commuters to cycle could help to ease some of the traffic issues in the town.

‘If people were encouraged to cycle to school for example, there would be less cars on the road at school drop off and collection times. We have two primary schools and three secondary schools in the town centre – that is a lot of cars dropping and collecting children. As it stands, I can see why parents might be hesitant to allow their children to cycle, due to the heavy traffic and lack of cycle lanes.’