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Plans for cashless NCT tests are a ‘matter of stupidity’ – Cllr Hurley

September 6th, 2023 5:00 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Plans for cashless NCT tests are a ‘matter of stupidity’ – Cllr Hurley Image
Cllr Hurley criticised the lack of inclusiveness.

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A GOVERNMENT commitment to bringing in legislation to prevent businesses going cashless can’t come soon enough, according to Independent TD Michael Collins.

Seven months ago, he said the Rural Independent Group got government backing for their motion calling for legislation to prevent any business, or State body, going

‘We were given an assurance that within a year, the necessary legislation would be in place,’ said Deputy Collins, who is concerned that if the law isn’t put in place others will jump on the

The TD said he was now pleading with NCT Ireland not to make their vehicle test centres credit and debit card only.

His call came after NCT Ireland posted on Twitter that it is ‘going cashless over the coming months for your safety and convenience, this means that payment must be made in advance of attending your NCT.’

Deputy Collins said organisations like the NCT and the National Ploughing Association – which said its event, commencing on September 19th will be cashless – are using ‘health and safety’ as a spurious reason for rejecting cash.

‘There are lots of people who don’t use cards. They have used cash all their lives. If it has been good enough from day one why can’t they continue,’ he asked.

Independent Cllr Declan Hurley has described as ‘absolutely ridiculous’ the NCT’s decision to insist that cashless payments are paid before their vehicle is even checked-in for a test.

‘They have said it’s a matter of safety and convenience, but I say it’s a matter of stupidity and huge inconvenience for the public,’ said the councillor.

‘The government needs to wake up and stop this from happening,’ he added. ‘The service must continue to be accessible to everyone.’

Even the junior Minister For Transport Jack Chambers (FF) has come out against the proposal, saying: ‘It’s not agreed, nor is it happening.’

The fact that NCT Ireland made the announcement on Twitter has also angered a lot of people who have criticised the move as being insensitive to the needs of people who use cash or do not use computers or smart phones for making regular payments.

This week, local TD Christopher O’Sullivan (FF) said that in constituencies like Cork South West, the older population’s reliance on cash should be taken into account. ‘We must resist any moves that would alienate older people or other people who use only cash,’ Deputy O’Sullivan said.

‘When this was first rumoured I brought it to the attention of the minister, and I’m delighted at his statement that no change has been agreed,’ said the deputy.

The junior minister said he will be taking the matter up directly with the Road Safety Authority, which is statutorily responsible for the provision of NCT testing services.

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