Not happy in Ballydehob

May 9th, 2015 3:19 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Southern Star May 9 2015

LettersSIR – I am writing to address last week’s article by Jackie Keogh regarding the Ballydehob Community Council. She referred to the group of twenty members of public who sought entry to the proceedings. I am writing as a member of that group.

In my opinion, this article did not reflect what happened that evening. Mr O’Neill of Munitir na Tire is quoted to say that the public ‘was of the opinion that it was in the best interests of Ballydehob Community Council to go forward in a unified way.’

Actually, the members of the public asked at least three times during the meeting that the committee vote to hold an extraordinary district-wide council election this year, rather than wait another two years for the scheduled ordinary district elections. One member of the public went as far as to say they had no confidence in the committee as it stood.

Mr O’Neill also applauded the council for its purchase of the bank house stating that payments for same are on schedule. This may be technically true, but it ignores the concern had by all in the room (both public and committee members) that the council is in debt and continues to lose money every month due to the bank house expenses.

The article from last week neglected to quote any members of the public. I am taking this opportunity to share my views of what really happened that night.

In my opinion the views of Mr O’Neill are misleading. It is unhelpful to deny the feeling in the room, which was one of lack of confidence.

Public confidence in the community council is at an all time low. This issue will be best resolved with a freshly-run election.


Stephen Canty,


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