Mercy Heights school site could have huge potential

March 15th, 2016 12:10 PM

By Jackie Keogh

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School's not out yet, but Mercy Heights in Skibbereen is already on the market.

SCHOOL’S not out yet, but Mercy Heights in Skibbereen is already on the market.

Clonakilty auctioneers, Hodnett Forde, have been appointed to handle the sale of the 0.9-acre secondary school, (right) which, in addition to having a single storey building measuring 11,000sq ft, has a large greenfield site that is ripe for development.

There should be considerable interest in the sale of this property, considering that it is located within Skibbereen’s development boundary. It is also located close to the town centre and Skibbereen’s new Community School, which will be formed after Mercy Heights, St Fachtna’s De La Salle and Rossa Collage have amalgamated.

The fact that it is also directly adjacent to the old convent site – which is expected to be redeveloped within the next year or two – could also make it attractive to investors.

The owner of the convent site, Bernard Hennessy, confirmed to The Southern Star when he was in Skibbereen in January that he had made an offer on the Mercy Heights school and grounds.

Mr Hennessy – who purchased the old convent site in January 2015 – said his reason for formally submitting an offer to buy Mercy Heights was because he believes the entire area has ‘tremendous potential.’

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