Loose sheepdog and corgi caused cyclists to tumble off their bikes

April 11th, 2024 10:00 PM

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A MAN has been fined after his two dogs ran onto the road, causing two members of a cycling club to fall off their bikes.

Brian Heffernan (70) pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to have adequate control over his dogs following the incident on April 23rd last year.

Bandon District Court was told that one man made a complaint to gardaí on April 24th last regarding an incident that previous day when, on a cycle with the West Cork Cycling Club from Juke Park to Newcestown, two dogs ran onto the road.

Judge James McNulty heard that two cyclists fell from their bikes as a result, with both ultimately attending at Garda stations.

One cyclist suffered a fracture of his left arm as well as cuts, and was out of work as a driver for three months as a result.

The other cyclist received road rash and grazing and Insp Emmet Daly told the judge that as a result of the incident, the bike, worth between €5,000 and €6,000, was written off.

Mr Heffernan, with an address at Old Park in Bandon, had no previous convictions.

The judge was told that the two dogs – a mini sheepdog and a small corgi – escaped when a gate that was usually closed was opened to facilitate some cutting.

Mr Heffernan’s solicitor told the judge that it was simply an aberration and that his client had been very solicitous to the injured men, including offering to give them a lift.

Judge McNulty heard that Mr Heffernan did have household insurance and said he would deal with the matter leniently, fining Mr Heffernan €500 and giving him 90 days to pay.

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