LETTER: Land of Israel given to the Jews by God

March 31st, 2018 5:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – I am responding to Dan Teegan’s letter concerning Israel and my private letter to him.

He seems to be unaware that the land of Israel was given to the Jews by God. He also does not know that Jesus of Nazereth in Israel was Jewish and was a citizen of this country some 2018 years ago according to the Christian bible.

At that time, there were no Arabs here. They invaded some 800 years ago and, like Ireland and the Irish, it took us Jews 800 more years to gain our freedom. To hell or Connaught he says, but we Jews were sent to hell and without the luxury of Connaught.

He also forgets that we Jews did accept the United Nations decision regarding the small area allocated to us but that his friends did not and they invaded with the full intent to murder one and all here. He also seems to forget that they lost and, under international law, the victor decides the outcome.

The fact that we did not murder the Arabs that took up arms against the Jewish State should be commended and also we should be praised for allowing them to leave to reside with their own brethren. The fact that their brethren did not allow them to live in the Arab countries, nor did the Arab countries give them any civil rights is not the fault of Israel; it is the fault of the Arabs.

The Arabs did not accept any UN resolution and have refused to accept any peace agreements until this very day.

The Arabs countries have vast amounts of wealth, control most of the world's oil production and could easily have helped the cousins out many times and could have provided one and all with a good living. The fact that they did and do not is not the fault of world Jewry.

Mr Teegan seems to be annoyed by the fact that Jews all over the world are very charitable, while the Arabs are not. I do not have an answer to that fact.

He also talks of Zionist colonialism. Zion is where Jerusalem is. Zion is where it was built. Zion is the Jewish faith. Coming back to our own land which was plundered by Arab and other invaders is not colonialism.

The Geneva convention he mentions but no Arab country abides by any convention.

I would also advise him to refer to the San Remo conference and the League of Nations mandate and constitution, whereby it states quite clearly those residents known as the Palestinians are the Jews and only the Jews whilst others have the right of residency and civil rights.

The armed thugs of the Arab nations do not frighten me Mr Teegan and the Stalin Leninists and the holocaust deniers of the Fatah movement do not scare me either. Mr Abbas can steal all the monies that ultra-wealthy Europeans send him and the wealthy Christians of America and I really do not care. It’s an Arab problem not mine.


Maerton Davis,

Western Gallilee.



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