Defecating motorist tried to place hands on garda

November 29th, 2023 7:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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A DISTRICT court judge has described the behaviour of a man who dropped his pants, defecated next to a garda and tried to place his hands on him afterwards as ‘disgraceful behaviour’.

Judge John King was commenting after hearing details of the case involving James Healy at Bandon District Court. Mr Healy of Farran, Ring, Clonakilty pleaded guilty to drink driving, dangerous driving, attempting to frustrate a prosecution and obstruction of a garda.

Gda Joe Tippins told Judge King that on July 7th last at 6.03pm he was driving behind an Opel Corsa at Barry’s Hall, Timoleague when he noticed it moving over to the wrong side of the road and crossing back over. He activated the blue lights and signalled for the vehicle to pull in.

‘Without warning it braked hard and then turned left into a farmyard. The driver was exceptionally drunk, while his speech was slurred. He gave me his driving licence and then went towards the front passenger door and opened a bottle of whiskey to take a drink,’ said Gda Tippins.

‘I managed to stop him and I arrested him but while placing him in the patrol car, he said he needed a sh*te.’

Mr Healy then took off his pants, squatted down and defecated behind the wheel of the patrol car.

‘He went down to grab some grass to throw at me and he took off both shoes. He wiped his hands and tried to place them on me.’ Gda Tippins said he then had to restrain him until back-up arrived and when he was brought to Bandon Garda Station he had to be given a shower and a new set of clothes due to his condition.

A doctor was called and a blood specimen was taken from Mr Healy which gave a reading of 294mlgs of alcohol per 100mls of blood. The court heard that the accused wasn’t co-operative at the roadside but did co-operate afterwards at the garda station.

Sgt Tom Mulcahy said the accused has four previous convictions, including three for drink driving.

Solicitor Myra Dinneen asked Gda Tippins if Mr Healy had asked him if he could go to the toilet, but Gda Tippins said he didn’t and just said ‘I need a shite’ and then dropped his pants.

He said his uniform had to be discarded following the incident.

Judge King said he couldn’t see any saving grace, bar custody for Mr Healy and said it was ‘disgraceful behaviour’ and noted his previous convictions for drink driving. He directed a pre-sanction probation report to see if there is any ‘saving grace’ and remanded him on continuing bail to February 19th.

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