Council vows to fix Kinsale's slippy manhole covers

May 3rd, 2017 1:42 PM

By Southern Star Team

Some of the slippy manhole covers in Kinsale. (Photo: Denis Boyle)

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Cyclists in Kinsale have expressed concern over the poor state of manholes in the town, according to a local TD.

CYCLISTS in Kinsale have expressed concern over the poor state of manholes in the town, according to a local TD.

Deputy Jim Daly said that he has been in contact with Cork County Council’s district supervisor, Edmond Coleman, regarding this, and other, road safety issues in Kinsale.

‘I have heard numerous concerns from my constituents regarding road safety in the town, particularly from cyclists,’ he told The Southern Star. ‘The main causes for concern are the manhole covers along the very busy and heavily trafficked junction at Pearse St,’ he said, adding: ‘The manhole covers along this route are old and are coming to the end of their life span. Although this may not strike many as a major concern at first glance, they are in fact a health and safety worry.’ 

Many people cycling or driving over the manholes have discovered that there is no grip due to everyday wear and tear, often resulting in near-miss accidents, he said. 

Deputy Daly said he had been lobbying the Council to amend this issue before an ‘unnecessary accident’ occurs at one of the six manholes at this junction. 

Mr Coleman has told the deputy that the Council have agreed it would be best to upgrade all of the manhole covers. However, the work would have to be done at night and also involve road closures and diversions. 

‘As we are now into the busy period in Kinsale for the summer, we will put this operation off until later in the year,’ the Council said. ‘In the meantime the Council have sourced a specialist product that can be applied to the metal manhole covers.’ 

Deputy Daly said he had been told that this is an anti-slip product that will keep the issue at bay until such time as the covers are replaced. Any loose or rocking covers will also be fixed when applying this anti-slip solution.

Deputy Daly thanked the Council for their proactive and efficient response.

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