Council to start cleaning Bandon river ‘within days'

September 15th, 2016 2:51 PM

By Southern Star Team

The Council is hoping that scenes like this - last year - will soon be eliminated

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CONTRACTORS for Cork County Council look set to move into the river in Bandon to begin temporary cleaning of the riverbed.

CONTRACTORS for Cork County Council look set to move into the river in Bandon to begin temporary cleaning of the riverbed.
Although the OPW are now on site to begin the major flood relief work on the river, the temporary work – which has been undertaken every year since 2009 – has also been given the go-ahead.
This will involve cleaning the riverbed, near the bridge, of gravel and sand build-up, which will alleviate a number of issues in the event of a moderate flood.
However, such cleaning will not have a huge impact on floodwaters if the town is subject to rainfall similar to last December’s downpours.
The contractor, a local firm, is hoping to get into the river within the next few days, in order to make a start on the work.
The deeper dredging of the area, which will be undertaken by the OPW over the next two years, will begin closer to Innishannon.
Cllr Kevin Murphy (FG) chairman of Bandon Kinsale Municipal District said he received confirmation from David Keane, county engineer that the cleaning will go ahead and he welcomed the development.
 ‘David Keane, the county engineer, and his team, must be congratulated for getting all the ducks in a row to ensure this can be undertaken,’ said Cllr Alan Coleman.
‘This is important work that needs to be done every year and while the area is actually an OPW building site now, agreement has been reached between the parties for this work to be undertaken,’ said the former county mayor.
Cork County Council are undertaking Interim River Cleaning (Gravel Removal) at Bandon Bridge in September 2016.
 In a statement on Thursday, the Council said the works will include the removal of gravel and debris deposits to a depth of 300mm below the waterline. The work extends from 15m upstream to 25m downstream of the Bandon Bridge, and are to be finished by September 30th.
‘To comply with Health and Safety policy and legislation, this work can only be completed subject to suitable river levels (water levels have to be low to carry out the works),’ it said.
In June 2016 the Office of Public Works entered into a major capital works contract with Wills Bros Ltd. to construct the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme, which will alleviate and reduce the flood risk to Bandon Town. In advance of the OPW Bandon Flood Relief Scheme, and in response to the winter 2015 flood events, Cork County Council part funded by the OPW carried out the following works:
•    Advance construction of a flood defence embankment
•    Raising of ground levels in the environs of Bandon Town
•    Provision of in excess of 100 no. non-return values to prevent river water entering the Bandon drainage network
•    Repointing and sealing of walls in Bandon town and environs
•    Provision of dedicated pumping sumps in Bandon town centre to assist temporary pumping of waters during a flood event.
These completed advance works will provide the town with a greater degree of protection for the winter ahead.

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