Cairns and Collins are accused of SF alignment

July 21st, 2022 7:10 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Michael Collins, TD.

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A WEST Cork Senator has hit out at the two Cork South West TDs who voted against the government in its own confidence motion this week.

FG Senator Tim Lombard, said that the vote of no confidence which had been tabled by Sinn Féin was ‘complete hypocrisy’ and pointed out that they were calling for an emergency budget last week, while they were seeking an election this week.

‘It’s very obvious that both Deputy Holly Cairns and Deputy Michael Collins seem to be aligning themselves with Sinn Féin for the next government which is a really frightening affair,’ said Sen Lombard.

However, Deputy Collins said he voted against the Government’s motion of confidence, because the ‘ordinary mothers and fathers of this country have little or nothing in their pockets after working a whole week.’

‘Also I could not support a government who have abandoned the fishing sector where we see trawlers tied up at piers in West Cork because they can’t afford to fuel them,’ said Deputy Collins.

Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns said: ‘On the whole I do not have confidence in their archaic approach to governance and this government consistently disregard peoples’ experiences and expertise.’

However, FF TD Christopher O’Sullivan said the ‘negativity and the outrage’ from  some opposition TDs can be ‘quite tiring.’

‘I would way prefer to see positive, constructive contributions from opposition TDs. The most pressing issue at the moment is the cost of living and we know as a government we have to ease pressure on the public,’ he said.

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