Everyone has a role in protecting air quality

January 28th, 2020 7:02 PM

By Southern Star Team

County mayor says: ‘If you must light a fire, there are low smoke solid fuel products available.’

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CORK people are being encouraged to put air quality first this winter by carefully considering their fuel choices and to never burn household waste in their fires or stoves.

The County Council says that protecting and improving air quality is a collective responsibility, and individuals have the power to make a positive impact by avoiding bituminous or ‘smoky’ coal.

‘Where there is no alternative to lighting a fire, residents are urged to choose low smoke fuel options, readily identifiable with labels reading “Approved Fuel – contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations,”’ they said.

County mayor Cllr. Christopher O’Sullivan reinforced the message that air quality within the home, as well as outside, is affected by burning smoky coal: ‘We are asking people to take simple steps to protect air quality in their homes and businesses.  If you must light a fire, there are innovative low smoke solid fuel products, including low smoke coal, available on the market.’

County Council chief executive, Tim Lucey said low smoke solid fuel is cleaner and more energy efficient, while delivering improved air quality, when compared with smoky coal. ‘We urge Cork county households to never burn household waste in their fires or stoves,’ he said.

For further information on the Cork County Council Low Smoke Zone, see: www.corkcoco.ie/environment

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