[Sponsored] Try this recipe for classic summer Gin & Tonic with Garnish Island Gin

July 25th, 2018 1:07 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Classic and easy, a gin and tonic is light, refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

Classic and easy, a gin and tonic is light, refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. A great gin is the perfect blend of carefully chosen botanicals and no matter what the delectable blend is there will always be an underlying flavour of Juniper as this is the only botanical that must form part of a gin blend – no juniper, no gin. Each gin distiller combines a unique selection of botanicals usually inspired by what they can forage locally and with local heritage.

P.S. Remember, your gin and tonic is only as good as both your gin and your tonic and considering 75% of your long drink is tonic take your time to choose a good one.


What You'll Need

  • Your glass of choice
  • Ice
  • Garnish Island Gin
  • Premium Tonic
  • Lime
  • Fresh Strawberries


For the perfect Gin & Tonic, we recommend roughly one part gin to three parts tonic. Pour one measure of Garnish Island Gin over ice. Add your favourite tonic, a wedge of lime and a slice of fresh strawberries. 

With a twist...

The Gin and Tonic is such a simple drink and delicious as just that but with a little experimentation you can create a multitude of exciting new flavours - swap the wedge of lime for a twist of lime zest for a more subtle citrus influence; enhance the floral, aromatic notes in the Garnish Island Gin by mixing it with a floral tonic; or indeed pair this great G&T with a garnish of your choice! 

For the perfect summer tipple, pair this gin with elderflower tonic, plenty of ice and garnish with lime and fresh strawberry.

About West Cork Distillers

West Cork Distillers was founded in 2003 by three lifelong friends, John O’Connell and cousins Denis and Ger McCarthy. Inspired by West Cork’s proud history in artisan food and beverage production, the trio set about establishing a distillery to produce the highest quality spirits and provide sustainable employment in this beautiful part of the world. Garnish Island Gin is one of the latest releases from the distillery, along with two uniquely finished Single Malts to further enrich the West Cork Whiskey range. With an expanding team and a new distillery and visitor centre on the horizon, it looks to the future with enthusiasm.

About Garnish Island Gin

Deirdre Bohane, Gin Distiller for West Cork Distillers, remembers her summers spent with her cousins in Glengarriff and the many day trips to Garnish Island. Inspired by the exotic gardens on the island, Deirdre has created a gin that perfectly capture their essence - floral, aromatic and full of flavour. Botanicals such as hibiscus, iris and rose petals, rosemary, lavender and thyme and a hint of the exotic with cocoa nibs and strawberry are what really set this gin apart.

Deirdre’s perfect serve is Garnish Island Gin, premium Elderflower Tonic, a twist of lime zest, a slice of strawberry and plenty of ice. She recently discovered that fresh strawberries enhanced the strawberry flavours already in the gin and her advice to Garnish Island Gin drinkers is simple ‘be adventurous – try out different garnishes that you love, to release the different flavours of the botanicals in the gin’. 

We would love to hear your favourite choice of garnish for our gin, so please do take a snap and share it with us on Instagram @westcorkdistill (Must be over 18)

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Drink Garnish Island Gin Responsibly

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