Skibbereen-shot virtual reality film in Crawford

April 26th, 2024 11:00 AM

Detail of Keating’s painting.

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A VIRTUAL reality film shot outside Skibbereen about Seán Keating’s famous painting Men of the South is now available to view.

Actors depicting the real-life members of the North Cork Brigade who appeared in Keating’s painting feature in the virtual reality art experience by Linda Curtin and David Keating which is screening in Crawford Art Gallery, Cork from April 26th-May 5th.

Called Sit Stand Smoke, it explores the motivation and circumstances behind the creation of Keating’s Men of the South (1921-22).

Viewers can don a VR headset and immerse themselves in unique insights into the worlds of Keating and Men of the South.

Sit Stand Smoke takes people into the world of Dr Éimear O’Connor, art historian, Keating’s biographer.

Virtual reality affords Éimear the opportunity to have a conversation with the artist himself, played by his great-grandson, Jonathan Quinlan.

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