How to shop for fragrance on a budget

January 18th, 2023 4:23 PM

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We might all be watching the pennies lately, but one thing that few of us have trouble spending money on is fragrance. In Europe, the luxury fragrance market is worth more than €3.8 billion.

However, some of the best-selling scents on the market can cost upwards of €100, taking a sizable bite out of your monthly income.

Eager to make a saving? Read on for some essential tips on how to shop smart and enjoy big discounts when stocking up on your favourite fragrance.

Pay attention to concentrations

Want to get your money's worth when buying fragrance? Make sure you're considering concentrations carefully.

Eau Fraiche fragrances might seem inexpensive, but these products typically contain low levels of perfume essence. Even the best Eau de Fraiche fragrances will only offer concentrations of around 6-7%.

The result is you have a fragrance that you'll need to reapply regularly throughout the day. Spending a little more money on a cologne like Nautica Voyage makes more sense in the long run.

Eau de toilettes are fairly affordable and usually boast perfume essence concentrations of around 10%.

Are smell-alike perfumes worth it?

So-called smell-alike fragrances have been around for many years now. They're essentially duplicates of popular perfumes and colognes.

Many high street stores and online retailers offer an exhaustive range of smell-alike scents. These fragrances are often largely indistinguishable from the real thing, although they're not exact copies.

If you're eager to replace a beloved scent with a like-for-like product, you're not going to find it with a smell-alike fragrance.

However, if you're looking to make a significant saving, it may be worth exploring a budget-friendly own brand.

The downside of these products is that they lack the signature packaging and designer bottles of their branded counterparts.

This shouldn't be a problem if you're replenishing your stocks. However, if you're buying a fragrance as a gift for someone special, it might be worth biting the bullet and splashing out on the genuine article.

Online retailers tend to offer the best prices

Anyone who knows anything about fragrance will tell you that purchasing it in-store isn't a good idea.

Why? If you're picking out a new scent for the first time, your senses are likely to be overwhelmed by competing aromas.

At the best of times, you'll only be able to sample a handful of new scents before struggling to single one out. In-store shopping also tends to carry a premium price tag.

After all, those brick-and-mortar retailers have countless overheads to cover. If you're looking to stock up on Nautica perfume or seek out a new scent, consider shopping online instead.

Even when you factor in the cost of postage and packaging, online sellers almost always beat out traditional stores when it comes to price.

Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts

Many of us flock to the shops or head online to buy fragrances in the lead-up to Christmas.

Although some retailers will offer great discounts during this time to remain competitive, you can expect to spend a premium on scents during the holiday season.

To save money, explore what discounts are available during Black Friday sale events.

Valentine's Day is another key selling window for fragrance retailers.

As with the festive season, you can expect to pay more for products during February.

To make a saving, get in there early and see what fragrance discounts can be had during the January sales.

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