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Duck gets lucky on trip to Clon

April 5th, 2023 11:45 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Duck gets lucky on trip to Clon Image
Mick Dempsey with the lucky duck.

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A FEMALE mallard duck, which survived being wedged in the grille of a van on a 29-mile journey from Ballygarvan to Clonakilty, has been described by those who came to her rescue as a ‘miracle duck’. 

Speaking to The Southern Star, developer Mick Dempsey said it was his work colleague Ray who first noticed that the duck was stuck in the front of his van after arriving at a building site in Clonakilty.

‘All you could see was the duck’s head and neck so two of us pulled the grille back and I pulled her out. 

‘She was fine and brought her to the canteen,’ said Mick.

‘My wife Yvonne contacted the West Cork Animal Welfare group for advice. 

‘We got a cage dropped in and we were told to take the duck back to exactly where Ray thought he hit her.

‘Ray then drove back with the duck in the cage and released her where he thought he had hit her.’

Mick described her as a ‘miracle duck’ and hopes she is doing well. 

Tory Joyce from West Cork Animal Welfare praised Mick and his colleagues for helping ‘the luckiest duck in Ireland’.

‘It is incredible that she survived that journey in the grille with no injuries. It’s a miracle,’ she said. 

‘Mick did everything that was asked of him and he knew what to do as he kept her wings tight when taking her out of the grille,’ said Tory.

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