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Charity swimmer makes it from Fastnet to Baltimore!

June 12th, 2023 4:28 PM

By Dylan Mangan

Charity swimmer makes it from Fastnet to Baltimore! Image
Devin passing Sherkin Island earlier today. (Photo: The Gavin Glynn Foundation Swim Team on Facebook)

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A MAN undertook a massive nine hour swim today, all the way from the Fastnet Rock to Baltimore.

Ger Devin, commercial director at West Cork Biscuit Company, completed the 21km swim this afternoon.

Devin set off from Fastnet this morning at approximately 6.40am, making his way past Cape Clear and around Sherkin Island, before landing at Baltimore this afternoon at 3.30pm.

He was assisted on his way by an escort boat, which helped monitor and manage his safety throughout the gruelling day.

A small crowd of people gathered on the pier in Baltimore to cheer Devin over the line as he fought through the final few strokes to make it to land.

Devin is part of a team who undertake these difficult feats to help promote and raise funds for The Gavin Glynn Foundation, which helps families of children battling cancer to travel overseas for treatment not available in Ireland.

Ger Devin before his swim today. (Photo: Fastnet Swim on Facebook)


He's no stranger to marathon swims, having previously completed the difficult open water swimming triple crown, consisting of the English Channel, the Catalina Channel in California and around Manhattan Island in New York.

You can view the route Ger swam by clicking here.



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