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Lisavaird’s €15 rebate on ration purchases to help out farmers

May 1st, 2024 2:40 PM

By Emma Connolly

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LISAVAIRD Co-Op has announced a significant rebate programme to provide financial relief to farmers who have been adversely affected by adverse weather conditions.

Carbery chairman Cormac O’Keeffe, who is also the Lisavaird Co-Op chairman, announced a €3m Carbery weather support fund at the recent board meeting of Carbery Group.

Lisavaird’s rebate programme will offer a rebate of €15 per tonne on all ruminant compound feed purchases made during March and April.

This initiative is a testament to its commitment to standing alongside its customers during times of hardship and uncertainty.

This is in addition to the Carbery Group’s announcement of a 5cpl increase on all March milk volumes.

Lisavaird Co-Op ceo Martin Dineen emphasised the importance of solidarity and support within the farming community.

‘During times of adversity, it is crucial that we come together to support one another. Lisavaird Co-Op is proud to stand alongside our farmers, and we hope that this rebate program provides some relief during these challenging times,’ he said.

Cormac O’Keeffe echoed this sentiment, highlighting the cooperative’s commitment to supporting farmers in West Cork.

‘We recognise the significant challenges facing farmers due to adverse weather conditions, and we are committed to providing practical support wherever possible,’ he said.

‘This has been a very difficult period for farmers and I, along with my fellow board members, strongly believe that we have a duty to support farmers where we can here.

‘We hope that this initiative provides some measure of relief for our farmer shareholders. We support the other calls by the dairy sector to extend flexibility and practical support to farmers as they manage this difficult situation.’

In addition to the rebate programme, Lisavaird Co-Op has been actively involved in other relief efforts, including connecting farmers in need of silage with neighbouring farms holding surplus fodder and utilising the newly announced fodder transport scheme to top up any farm’s having trouble sourcing fodder.

Carbery ceo Jason Hawkins added: ‘Our main purpose in Carbery as a co-op is to support our farmer shareholders as and when they need it.

‘The diversified nature of our business allows us to do this when the circumstances call for it.

‘It is clear that the ongoing weather, in particular rainfall, is causing widespread problems for our

In addition to the weather support package, Carbery has also increased their base milk price for March by 1cpl. Carbery is also continuing to support milk price from its stability fund with a contribution of 1cpl.

If this decision is replicated across the four West Cork co-ops; Bandon, Barryroe, Drinagh and Lisavaird, this will result in an average milk price of 42.19cpl.
This price increases to 47.43cpl with the 5cpl support payment for the month of March.

Meanwhile, Dairygold has announced a weather/fodder relief payment of 2cpl and has maintained the March milk price at 40cpl.

‘The Dairygold Board recognises the significant challenges, that the ongoing adverse weather conditions are causing for our milk suppliers and therefore committed to paying a strong milk price for March, with the inclusion of a weather/ fodder relief payment for March
milk only.

‘Dairy market returns remain uncertain, due to the continuing weaker demand, particularly in China. The Dairygold board will continue to monitor markets closely and review milk price on a monthly basis.’

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