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Farmer views sought on biomethane

February 17th, 2024 10:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Consultation is now open on the Draft National Biomethane Strategy.

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FARMER are being asked to voice their opinion as the Government has launched a public consultation to guide the development of its National Biomethane Strategy.

The draft National Biomethane Strategy’s objective is to deliver on targets set by the Government as part of the agreement on the Sectoral Emissions Ceilings.

The ambition is to scale up indigenouslyproduced biomethane to 5.7 TWh per annum by 2030. The public consultation is asking for stakeholders’ views on the draft National Biomethane Strategy and how it is customised to an Irish perspective.

The consultation invites stakeholders to review the draft strategy and complete an online survey.

‘The development of an indigenous biomethane industry will provide diversification opportunities for livestock farmers, reduced emissions from animal wastes, biobased fertiliser that will replace chemical fertiliser as well as a unique opportunity to improve water quality in Ireland,’ said Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue.

He said the feedback from the consultation ‘will inform the final strategy’ which is set to be published at the end of March.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said the National Biomethane Strategy will be ‘agri-led and farmer-centric’, with a focus on the supply of sustainable feedstocks.

‘In doing so, we will look to ensure the protection of our biodiversity and water quality, align with circular bioeconomy development and through reductions in greenhouse gases, contribute positively to the sectoral emissions ceiling for agriculture, as well as to the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy mix.

‘The increased availability of an indigenous, renewable gas in Ireland will also assist in the long-term security of our energy system.

‘Public consultation is an important element of the policy development process and this consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders to submit their views in relation to upscaling the biomethane industry in Ireland and any related issues stakeholders may have.’

The consultation is open until February 27th.


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