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FARM CLASSICS: A colourful classic from Massey Ferguson – the 415

August 25th, 2021 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

The operator’s platform is to the left of the combine. In theory, rising dust from the elevator was out of the driver’s face.

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Farm Classics with Peter O'Brien

HAVING enjoyed great success in combine harvester sales in the 1950s with the 780 combine, Massey Ferguson introduced the 415 Mulitflow combine in 1961.

A curvy, streamlined, six walker combine, the 415 slotted in below the higher capacity 510 and 515 with Massey Ferguson claiming the 415 was capable of harvesting up to 7tons per hour.

New to the design was the relocation of the engine from threshing area to above it, allowing the threshing cylinder and elevator to be mounted lower.

A Perkins A4.300 is the heart of the combine- the 4.9l engine producing 80hp.

Situated just to the right of the operator’s platform, an inspection hatch was convenient for quick checks, while impairing the operators hearing was not such a bonus! A powered rotary screen also helped to keep the radiator clean.

The harvester is fitted with power steering as standard and automatic table height control could also be specified which allowed the cutting table to ‘float’ using hydraulic accumulators.

The operator’s platform is offset to the left hand side of the combine, a trait shared by Massey Harris and Massey Ferguson combines into the 80s. This stands in stark contrast to the majority of other combine manufacturers who favoured the central position of the operator’s deck.

In theory, rising dust from the elevator was out of the driver’s face, while the engine fan also helped to dispel the dust – but we’ll let drivers tell that story!

The combine is fitted with a low slung saddle type grain tank, located behind the operator and engine. Grain is augured to a deflector plate which ‘shares’ the grain evenly into the two tanks- left and right. The function of this is to evenly distribute the weight and to aid stability when cutting steep gradients, as it significantly lowers the combines centre of gravity.

Grain capacity of the 415 sits at 65 bushels in wheat, which equates to 1.7 tons.

Three header options were available: 8.5ft, 10ft and 12ft, with the 10ft proving the most popular.

At the time, Massey Ferguson were also boasting their new Quick Attach header allowing the header to be detached and placed on a transport trolley by releasing two snap-shackles on the elevator, as well as hydraulic hoses.

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