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Tell me about . . . Family fun at Bandon Show

May 19th, 2023 10:15 AM

By Southern Star Team

Tell me about . . . Family fun at Bandon Show Image
Claire O’Donoghue, Bandon Show PRO

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Claire O’ Donoghue, Bandon Show PRO on what people can expect at the first show since Covid, which takes place this Sunday (May 21st)

When did the show start?

Bandon Show was founded in 1952 and was traditionally held on Ascension Thursday when the town's shops, schools and businesses shut for the afternoon to attend.

It has since moved to the second last Sunday of May which falls on the 21st this year. It is held in the leafy Castlebernard and is noted for its carpet like grass which is manicured for months in advance by Bandon Golf Club.

This is of great advantage to the many elegant show horses and ponies and big, noble cattle all competing to be champion of the show!

It is the first agricultural show on Cork calendar and it is always a spectacle to see mares, foals and cattle emerging in their shiny summer coats after a long winter, prettily plaited and groomed for their day in the sun (hopefully!).

What’s its appeal?

I think agricultural shows are unique as they have stood the test of time and probably haven't changed much since 1952. We are a nation of animal lovers and we all realise how important it is now to support our local producers.

The show has something for everyone! It's not just livestock being judged. There are food halls, best dressed competitions, children's entertainment, poultry, live music, a pet farm, arts and crafts and local produce stands. Our hugely popular dog show is back with classes for all whether pedigree or a rescued mongrel!

It's very family friendly, social and a great chance to catch up with neighbours and friends.

What can we look forward to this year?

Bandon has always had a reputation of producing some of the country's finest champions that often go on to be champions in the RDS in August.

It wouldn't be possible without our very generous sponsors and hard working committee. We have a new website with further information.

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