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Candidate Murphy to seek legal advice on Nature Restoration Law

April 11th, 2024 7:02 PM

By Southern Star Team

Candidate Murphy to seek legal advice on Nature Restoration Law Image
Patrick Murphy: unlikely to be anything ‘voluntary’ about any decommissioning scheme.

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A CANDIDATE in the upcoming European Elections is seeking legal advice regarding the Nature Restoration Law.

Aontú’s Patrick Murphy is standing in the Ireland South constituency. He is well known as the chief executive of the Irish South & West Fish Producers Organisation. But he is also a farmer, and says he is specifically concerned about Article 4 of the legislation that has regard to farmed habitats, saying that as the owner of a small farm, he has a legal interest in any measures that this law may impose, which may have an adverse effect on him and his family.

‘I have written to the Commissioner with responsibility for the drafting of this legislation Virginijus Sinkevičius, advising that I, together with all other landowners have legal protections around our own land and that I have to be consulted prior to any rewetting of my land as this would have implications to my legal rights as land owner.

‘Absolutely no engagement has been held to date with myself or my family  as to the consequences this legislation may have on my obligations if this legislation is adopted.

‘I am seeking urgent clarity around this issue and I am notifying the Commissioner that I do not give consent to the Nature Restoration law being obligatory on any part of farmed habitats on my land.

‘I do equally and urgently request that the European Commission provide an official list of examples of measures that are acceptable to the Commission to provide clear direction so to be included in the national plan for the implementation of this law following the adoption of this Nature Restoration Law.

‘I request this list so when Ireland decides what measures are to be included under Article 4 these are voluntary rather than obligatory. We are being walked into the unknown and this is clearly not on.’

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