The mystery of the Doheny GAA jersey found in Poland is still unsolved

July 4th, 2020 1:36 PM

By Kieran McCarthy

This Doheny GAA jersey, somehow, has found its way to Poland.

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IT’S a question that has left Dohenys GAA stumped – how did a Doheny jersey end up in Poland?

That’s the mystery that is waiting to be solved after a Polish man, Piotr Borkowski, got in contact with the West Cork club via Facebook after he stumbled across the Doheny jersey in Poland.

‘Excuse me, is that yours?’ he asked, as he included photos of the number 23 Doheny jersey.

So many questions, but as of yet, no answers.

One line of thinking is that, possibly, the jersey made its way to Poland during the 2012 European Championships when there was an exodus from Dunmanway and West Cork of Republic of Ireland soccer fans.

That line of questioning, however, still hasn’t provided an answer, as local detectives scratch their heads in puzzlement.

As of yet, there are no firm leads – but we’re looking forward to this mystery being solved.

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