Over 1,000 bowlers signed up for booming novice sector

January 26th, 2023 10:00 AM

By Kieran McCarthy

Check out the latest news from the world of road bowling. (Photo: Liam Power)

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BÓL Chumann’s 2023 register of players was issued to all regional delegates at the January Executive meeting. 

In keeping with its revised Rules and Constitution, the early delivery will facilitate bringing the association’s annual timetable in line with the calendar year. 

The early start will also give regions more leverage in complying with championship deadlines. 

Registrar Bill McAuliffe thanked all those within the divisions who compiled affiliation details in time for publication. The new registrar reflects a solid membership with numbers marginally increasing again from last year’s figures when affiliations post-Covid held up far better than expected. 

Highlighted, too, is the disparity in the grading process with just 15 percent of adult affiliations allocated to junior ranks. The booming novice sector has upward of 1,000 in the five categories. 

Exceptional figures have been posted from some regions. West Cork has almost 150 in its underage classifications, Mid Cork has 71 in novice D alone and Gaeltacht rise to 23 in junior ladies. Several have announced the championship draws for 2023 and some have identified this weekend for start-up. 

Also, at the recent meeting the date for the 2022 Annual General Meeting was announced. It will take place at the Munster Arms, Bandon, on February 22nd at 8pm with registration at 7.30pm. 

Tournament overseer Kieran Harrington issued details of tournaments ongoing with the association’s remit. The majority are active and progressing through their various stages, but a small number have been highlighted as urgently requiring attention. February has been identified as a busy month with Ból Chumann’s ladies committee holding an open day for the western side of the county on February 4th. The Froe Road, Rosscarbery, is the venue with a 10am Saturday morning start time. Ból Chumann’s female membership underage, social clubs and adults are welcome, and all will be accommodated in the team events. 

The inter-regional youth team play-offs for the Kelleher Shield will take place on the Phale Road on February 12th and it is hoped to hold the post-primary schools’ competitions at Shannonvale later in the month. 

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