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In a West Cork Minute - Drinagh Rangers' Paul Hickey

July 3rd, 2018 9:00 AM

By Southern Star Team

In a West Cork Minute - Drinagh Rangers' Paul Hickey Image
Drinagh Rangers' Paul Hickey.

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Drinagh Rangers' Paul Hickey reveals the nicknames used to avoid the inevitable mix-ups between Barry O'Driscoll (H) and Barry O'Driscoll (T) …

Drinagh Rangers’ Paul Hickey reveals the nicknames used to avoid the inevitable mix-ups between Barry O’Driscoll (H) and Barry O’Driscoll (T) …


What’s the one thing you can’t live without? I’m a massive fan of raspberry jam. I don’t think I’d manage without it.


What would I find in your fridge right now? Surprisingly you would probably find Tomás Connolly, also referred to as ‘Big T’. This lad has a habit of slipping into the fridge a bit too often!


Name one element your sport could/should take from Possibly a version of the half court rule from the NBA, it might make for a more entertaining, fast paced games.


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? 

Hard to think over the lovely Taylor Swifts songs I’d be playing but with the weather so good I can’t help but think about going for a swim.


Who has been the biggest influence on your sporting career? I’d have to say my mother here, bringing me to games all over the place when I was younger, without that I’d never have started playing! 


Pick two celebrities to be your parents: Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Lawrence.


What do you think cats dream of?  Barry O’ Driscoll (T)’s cultured left-foot.


If you could play any other sport for one day what would it be?  I’d love a go at American Football, I reckon I would be a tidy quarterback.


If you joined a circus, what would you perform? Possibly a strongman show. I do it every Sunday morning carrying the Drinagh lads anyway.


If you could get rid of one county in Ireland what would it be and why? Leitrim, it popped straight into my head for some reason! 


What would you do if you found a penguin in your freezer?  Keep him, I think I’d call him George.


Before we let you go, teach us something that we don’t know: Well, everyone knows the two Barrys on our Drinagh Rangers team are known as Barry (H) and Barry (T) for reporting purposes, but we know them a little bit differently, there is the ‘Good Barry’ which is Barry (H) while Barry (T) is known as the ‘Other Barry’. Barry (T) isn’t too happy about the whole thing.


By day, Paul Hickey (23) from Drimoleague works as an Operations Analyst at Marigot Ltd, while at nights and weekends he is better known as a key cog in the juggernaut that is the Drinagh Rangers football team that won everything there was to win this past season. That’s five trophies. That’s a lot of silverware. A bigger trophy cabinet is needed.

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