Caulfield vows to improve Cork City after signing new two year contract

September 30th, 2015 8:31 PM

By Southern Star Team

Cork City manager John Caulfield has signed a new contract with the club.

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Great news for Cork City FC as manager John Caulfield signs a new two-year contract

FRESH from signing a new two-year contract as Cork City manager on Wednesday, John Caulfield vowed to make the team better.

Caulfield was appointed following the end of the 2013 season, and led the club to second place in the table in his first season in charge, City’s highest league placing since they lifted the Premier Division title in 2005.

‘The day you think everything is okay is the day you are going backwards,’ Caulfield said.

‘From my point of view, we want to drive on and see can we win trophies, can we get into Europe every year, can we progress in Europe? We have had two phenomenal seasons and this season is not over yet. Next season, I need to make the team better, I need a stronger squad.

‘This year, Europe was a fantastic adventure for us, albeit a short one, as we came up against a team that had been in Europe for thirteen out of the last fourteen years. This was our first time in eight years, and it is a different type of football, a different level, so there have been a lot of learning experiences.

‘Personally, I have learned that we need a stronger and more dynamic team. The players this year have been fantastic, but there will be players going out and there are certainly new players who will come into the club to hopefully make us stronger.

‘While I am here, I want the team to be up at the top and in Europe every year. Overall, we need Cork City to be stable with strong structures in place and a lot of that is stuff that we are doing. In the league, the bar is very high and I know where we need to get to. Obviously, we want to win a trophy and my goal is to do that.’


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