Ból Chumann chairman Michael Brennan warns members against illegal bowling

December 21st, 2020 12:45 PM

By Kieran McCarthy

It will be a busy weekend of action on the roads in Carbery.

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BÓL Chumann Chairman Michael Brennan has warned that any affiliated players who take part in illegal bowling will be ‘suspended indefinitely’.

The festive period is traditionally one of the busiest times for road bowling but under the current Level 3 Covid restrictions, no bowling is allowed.

Brennan has urged all members to adhere to the guidelines and to act responsibly over the coming weeks.

‘As chairman of Ból Chumann I wish to remind all members and supporters that all bowling has been cancelled during the present Covid-19 Level 3,’ Brennan said.

‘It is very clear and unequivocal that no games or competitions are to take place.

‘As has happened in the past, if we as an Association can prove that any affiliated players take part in illegal bowling they will be suspended indefinitely.

‘There is no insurance cover in place during the present lockdown

‘We all have a part to play in defeating Covid-19 and Ból Chumann will remain compliant with guidelines laid down by the Government. I am asking all members to be patient with us and by acting responsibly, hopefully we will be back on the bowling road in the very near future.’

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