‘Every missed heat is milk missing from the tank!’

February 16th, 2024 10:45 AM

Enda Doran, who has been using Censortec CowControl to great effect on his farm.

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Enda Doran milks 140 cows, calving in both the autumn and the spring. Running the farm with his young family and farm hand Thomas, he felt he needed another tool to make life easier. That tool was Censortec CowControl.

‘Since I installed Censortec, I’m not rushing. I’m able to take the kids to their matches and everything else and be relaxed. Before CowControl, when I was with the kids, there’d always be something in the back of my mind about the cows, needing to get back and check for heats in the evenings especially. That’s not a problem anymore. I knew I was missing cows in heat. I was realising that the place had to be able to be ran by one man, be that myself, or Thomas when I’m not there,’ explains Enda.

The herd calves in autumn and spring, so Enda was used to dealing with a split breeding season at both ends of the year. He needed to spend more time off the farm with his children and was working towards the goal of making the farm a one-man operation.

Enda started researching heat detection solutions to reduce labour in 2018.


‘I had been told by a friend in the industry that the battery life and reliability was something to watch out for. I contacted a few people who had installed CowControl, and I made the decision to install it based on their good reviews,’ says Enda.

‘In the five years I’ve been using the collars, I’ve had next to no issues. I think the reliability is great. I’ve had no battery problems. You know the collars are going to always be able to do their job,’ adds Enda.

Censortec CowControl powered by Nedap has a battery life of up to ten years. CowControl provides round the clock activity monitoring, giving farmers information on their herd’s fertility, health, activity and eating times.

‘CowControl has really improved the herd’s fertility. Our calving season is more compact. We rear all our calves and sell them as yearlings. Because our calving is tighter now, we end up with a more even bunch of calves and you get a better price for the group. We’re done calving by April 1st now, whereas before we’d have been calving well into May,’ reports Enda.

‘Its’s great for picking up silent heats. Every missed heat is missing milk from the tank. Even just this morning, we had a maiden heifer we’ve been watching for a while to try and get her in calf, but we keep missing her. We put a collar on her and CowControl has picked her up, and we saw no physical signs of heat on her. It’ll tell us when the best time to serve for sexed semen is too, so that’s a big bonus. We used sexed semen on the heifer, all she needs to do now is hold!’

The Censortec CowControl.


‘When I get up in the morning and I’m having a mug of tea before going out the yard, I check three apps; CowControl, my calf feeder, and the weather!’ laughs Enda, ‘Depending on what I see, I know whether I can chance having a second mug or not! It is just such a great tool. We have all the information on each cow there on the phone, we use it for everything; all AI info, service info, scanning, calving, the whole lot is there. You’re not running in to check the computer or the notebook every time you need to find something out about a cow. It’s essential to our farm.’

Enda also installed an Alfco drafting system in 2023. The gate fully integrates with Censortec, and the drafting accuracy of the system is unmatched in the market.

‘The area where the drafting gate was installed was quite tight,’ explains Enda. ‘Alfco visited the farm, created the optimum layout, and since installation, it has not missed a beat.’

Censortec CowControl powered by Nedap is available from Censortec, who are based in Co. Kerry, or find out more, visit censortec.com. You can also contact the Censortec team at 066-9713000

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