Renting in Cork vs Dublin

February 3rd, 2022 10:58 AM

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Ireland isn’t a big place, to state the obvious, and yet there’s so much variety to be enjoyed across the island. You only have to spend time in the Republic’s two largest cities to get a feel for how unique they are from each other.

Living in Cork city is a different experience from making a home in Dublin. Ireland’s capital city may be more than three times the size of Cork but we all know that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. This article is going to explore why finding an apartment to rent in Cork can be a better option than choosing Dublin.

Rent in a big city with a small town feel

The Rebel County has many charms from craggy cliffs to crumbling castles and its crown jewel, Cork city, is just as winsome with lashings of personality. Cork is home to some 200,000 people - big enough to fall under the category of city but small enough to still feel cosy, friendly and peaceful.

Whether you rent a studio flat in South Terrance or a luxury apartment just off Eglinton Street, you can expect a nod and smile from your neighbours. There’s no denying that Dublin has its own charms but as the city continues to burst at its seams, it has started to feel more and more impersonal.

Fortunately, Cork, offering all amenities available to Dublin, has managed to hold on to its core Irish essence while remaining inclusive and welcoming to the many new nationalities who now call the city home.

Let’s talk affordability

Not being the nation’s capital works to Cork’s advantage when it comes to rental prices. Rents are a good bit cheaper in comparison to Dublin. Currently, a one bed apartment to rent in Cork city centre is €1,235.61, 27% less than Dublin’s equivalent which amounts to €1,707.04.

And, to rent a three bed apartment outside Cork centre will set you back €2039.29 still a significant 31% cheaper than what’s on offer in the suburbs of Dublin.

Renting an apartment vs a house

Owning a home may be a lifelong ambition for many but there’s been an ongoing shift in favour of renting with one in every five people currently renting property in Ireland.

Certainly houses have their advantages, they are generally more spacious and often come with a garden. For a growing number however, the benefits of renting an apartment outweigh those of a house.

Apartments are usually cheaper to rent than a house, there’s less maintenance headaches, utility bills amount to less owing to the smaller square footage in most cases, and you’re in easy reach of your neighbours.

You are more likely to be able to rent an apartment on a short-term lease than you would be with a house.

Additionally, multi-dwelling units come with increased safety i.e, security cameras, gates or entrance codes and close proximity to neighbours in an emergency.

What does Dublin have that Cork doesn’t?

For those of you who still believe that Dublin is your only path to furthering your career and building a sustainable life, think again. Cork is not some provincial backwater town piggy backing on Dublin’s coat tails. Cork city has much to offer the enthusiastic and ambitious.

If you’re on the fence about moving to Cork here are a few indisputable facts that could sway you in favour of renting in this smaller but by no means less equipped city. When it comes to arts and culture, Cork offers a myriad of galeries, museums and theatres.

If you’re into festivals, you’re in for a treat. Cork hosts several top-class festivities throughout the year from Cork Midsummer Festival and the Folk Festival to the Cork Jazz Festival and the well loved Dragon of Shandon Halloween Lantern Parade.

Fun and frolics aside, the city also offers an excellent range of educational institutions for all ages as well as state-of-the art sporting facilities.

Job opportunities are there for the taking with some bigwigs that you may recognise based in Cork: Apple, Dell, Pfizer and Amazon. Since 2015, Cork City Council has been working to deliver a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive city.

The Smart city project is an initiative to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents by addressing key fundamental themes.

Cork is a progressive city with a bright outlook to the future. The city offers every amenity available to Dublin with the added bonus of cheaper rental property up for grabs. Cork is an exciting place to build a career and enjoy a higher quality of life!, making its debut to the Irish rental scene, offers an excellent choice of rental apartments to suit all tastes and budgets.

If you’re on the hunt for rental property in Cork, check out the site to review all the latest listings and save on valuable time.

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