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O’Donovan says it’s essential Clonakilty gets a relief road

April 25th, 2024 10:00 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

O’Donovan says it’s essential Clonakilty gets a relief road Image
Clonakilty traffic is bad and getting worse, said the former Fine Gael councillor, who is seeking re-election in June.

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AN outer relief road for Clonakilty to cope with increasing traffic congestion in the town has been ruled out by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), according to a Fine Gael local election candidate.

Noel O’Donovan recently highlighted the traffic congestion through the town and the daily backlog of traffic on the bypass.

He wrote to TII on the issue but has now been told that ‘an outer relief road for Clonakilty is not included amongst the projects currently identified in the National Development Plan’.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Mr O’Donovan said he’s not surprised to hear that a relief road has not been planned.

‘I continually make the point that Clonakilty, like a lot of other towns in West Cork, has seen many positive developments in recent years. New houses are being built, people are choosing to make their lives here, but our basic infrastructure and services are not following at pace,’ he said.

TII did confirm, however, that a review of the National Development Plan is expected this year.

‘It is essential that the Clonakilty outer relief road project is considered within the scope of this review process. Everyone will accept and understand that this project will take many years to compete, but we have to start somewhere and we need to plan. We have a traffic issue at present and it’s only going to get worse.’

Mr O’Donovan was also informed by TII that Cork County Council is planning to undertake a traffic study of the existing N71 bypass and surrounds during 2024 with the aim of identifying low-cost improvement options and that they will consider funding any proposals that arise from this study.

‘I welcome the fact that this traffic assessment will take place. It’s a positive start and hopefully minor improvements can be made to improve traffic flow. However, there is a clear need for a full relief road and if elected I will ensure this project is kept firmly on the agenda.’

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