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‘Agroshift’ ahead of its times in the Antares

April 18th, 2024 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

‘Agroshift’ ahead of its times in the Antares Image

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THIS week we continue our second part of our look at the Same Antares 130 tractor.

With much fuss made about the MF’s ‘Autotronic’ of the late 80s, Same also had significant technology in their Antares tractors with an electronic foot throttle and a programmable hand throttle with memory functions. Tractors also had the automatic engagement and disengagement of differential lock and four-wheel drive systems.

Updated in the 1996, Antares II tractors had electronic lift, AgroShift gear change buttons, throttle adjustment wheel and throttle memory controls built into the arm rest which was well over a decade ahead of its time in comparison to many manufactures in its power class. Agroshift or Multispeed for Lamborghini Formula tractors, was a three-speed powershift operated by buttons on the arm rest or on the main gear stick. Antares II tractors also benefitted from pillar-mounted exhausts, improving visibility.

The cab is quite stylish and well laid out, although at first glance that info graphic can seem to be overloaded with information.

A light illuminates on the tractor graphic for each function that is engaged, which is logical once familiar. In fact, it is very similar to the graphic on the Fiat Winner series tractors, which are both Italian.

The dash top host four gauges displaying the tractors vitals, in full view of the operator.

To the operator’s right, controls are clustered nicely together with yellow blister buttons, linkage control dials and a lever type switch for raise and lower the linkage.

This was changed to a rocker type switch on Antares II tractors, as well as more electronic features. The electronic throttle memory set up was at the base of the B pillar.

It’s worth noting that while the vast majority of manufactures had switched to safer, more accessible layback doors, the Antares continued with forward hinging doors. Another interesting feature is twin PTOs in a stacked formation for

Like many tractors in the era of electronic infancy, the Antares could suffer from electrical gremlins leading to reliability issues.

Same was a keen to promote tractor features in their styling with Antares boldy emblazoned on the bonnet, along with 40km sketched into the tinwork in yellow to highlight the tractors road speed.

The Same four-eyed swiping tiger logo appears on each door handle, with large 130 decals on the glass. If you have an Antares tractor, please get in touch!

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