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Where are the boosters?

June 22nd, 2022 10:10 PM

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THERE has been yet another surge in Covid cases in Ireland. The HSE’s Covid Tracker app shows a sharp spike in cases in the past few days. The Cork figures seem to be following the national trend very closely.

There are also stories of a number of exam classes being impacted as the latest strain appears to be even more transmissible than its predecessors – if that’s possible!

And yet there is very little talk of the latest round of booster shots now, apart from for the over 65s and the most vulnerable. Many people in the 40+ age bracket got their last booster before Christmas – some in November – and the HSE website says the next booster can be administered after four months.

Is there any possibility that the delay in administering the next vaccine boosters could be partly to blame for the latest spike? We have had a relaxation of regulations now for some time but the numbers contracting the virus seem to be on a much sharper upward curve in recent weeks.

It would be reassuring to a lot of people if the booster programme could be expedited, especially with so many people now on the move over the next few months, both at home and abroad.

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