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What does Corkness mean to you?

January 11th, 2019 12:48 PM

By Southern Star Team

What does Corkness mean to you? Image
There's only one Keano

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Our sports editor Kieran McCarthy asked the good people of Twitter to define 'Corkness' and some of the replies are hilarious

On Wednesday at Páirc Uí Chaoimh the Cork County Board launched #2024, A Five-Year Plan for Cork Football designed to improve all levels of football within the county.

The plan makes reference to the word 'Corkness' on five occassions including in the following sentence:

'Cork GAA success has contributed hugely to those essential elements of 'Corkness' recognisable to all our rivals: that air of confidence just on the right side of arrogance, a unparralleled pride in our county and our insatiable desire to be the best at aboslutely everything.'

This got us thinking - what does 'Corkness' actually mean to the people of Cork? Star sports editor Kieran McCarthy decided to find out by asking the good people of Twitter to define Corkness and we've picked out some of our favourite responses here. 

1. Hard to argue with this one

2. Are Tayto sandwiches exclusive to Cork though?

3. The Rock - enough said

4. None of your business! 

5. The true map of Ireland 

6. Harsh 

7. KEANO! 

8. A Cork legend! 

What does Corkness mean to you? 

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