We need a new, more humane United Nations

August 29th, 2022 8:00 AM

By Eoghan Daly

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EDITOR – People in every country are tired of our universal reliance on violence to solve conflict and the exacerbation of war and its devastation.

We are tired of feeling that nothing we do will help. But the US and other countries are relying on our complacency, and there are so many reasons and examples of why and how we can stop the war machine driven by the armaments industry.

The war in Ukraine is escalating. US-UK-Nato continues to send weapons to Kiev and Nato is expanding to the Russian border. Washington is calling Russia and China ‘existential threats’ to the US, and military bases are expanding across the world. In March, President Biden said that if the US sent planes and pilots, it would mean World War III, but now the White House is discussing sending fighter jets. So how are we supposed to interpret this?

But feeling tired and helpless won’t help us turn our reliance from war to peace.

There are billions of people around the world who want war to end.

Collectively, our voice is strong and we can stop the death, the destruction of our environment and food sources, the prioritisation of wealth and greed over lives, and the demolition of historical and cultural artifacts. We need a new United Nations, not the one controlled by the wealthy self-serving five nations who control the Security Council, a new movement rooted in humanity and ensuring the safety and security of the entirety of our global community. We need it now before it is too late for mankind.

Daniel Teegan,

Monkstown, Cork.

Michael Collins called himself ‘The Big Fellow’

EDITOR  According to Diarmaid Ferriter in his book Between Two Hells, it was Michael Collins who called himself ‘The Big Fellow’. This was greeted with derision by Sinn Fein members in Dublin initially, but changed to a term of affection when they saw how capable he was.

Liam Ahern,

College Grove, Clonakilty.

Béal na Bláth ‘rabble’ was disrespectful

EDITOR  – Shame on the jeering, flag waving ‘republican’ rabble who disrupted the commemoration at Béal na Blath on Sunday. They didn’t even have the decency to observe the minute’s silence. It ruined the special day for all of us who were there to honour the memory of Michael Collins.

It’s an appalling vista if that brand of hooligan ‘republicanism’ forms the next government. No respect for dead patriots, no respect for freedom of speech. and no respect for democracy.

Nora O’Riordan,


Strange priorities of management at RTÉ

EDITOR  Last Sunday, August 21st, a significant event took place at Béal na Bláth to commemorate the death of General Michael Collins. For the first time the gathering was addressed by the leader of Fianna Fail, Mícheál Martin, a fellow Corkman and Taoiseach.

One may say a momentous occasion in Irish history.

Yet out national television station RTÉ saw fit to give priority on RTE1 to the Royal Dublin Horse Show and on RTÉ 2 to European sports. What an insult to the Irish people and the memory of General Michael Collins – who history may yet decide was one of Ireland’s greatest heroes. Shame on the management of RTÉ.

Michael A Moriarty,


Why are we still using glyphosate in the county?

EDITOR  Why is the County Council still using glyphosate across the county to kill weeds?

This chemical  has been outlawed in dozens of countries and its continued use in Europe will be considered by the EU this winter.

Glyphosate is an allegedly toxic chemical which many believe kills bees, birds, butterflies, and the run-off may kill fish.

That is not to mention that it is believed by many that it also causes cancer in those who use it extensively without proper protection.

Lorelie Rabbitt-Tomko,


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