US visitors helping West Cork music source permanent home

December 18th, 2021 11:40 AM

By Jackie Keogh

Armen Vartian and Candice Foss have established American Friends of West Cork Music to support the organisation's goal of one day having its own dedicated venue for concerts and events.

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A NEW not-for-profit organisation in the US hopes to help Bantry’s West Cork Music secure a permanent venue.

Since it was formed more than two decades ago, West Cork Music – which runs the West Cork Chamber Music Festival, the West Cork Literary Festival, and the Masters of Tradition – has dreamed of one day having its own dedicated centre.

The proposed venue, according to West Cork Music, would not only be used for the chamber and traditional music concerts – many of which are streamed live around the world – but also for literary talks, and by the wider public.

The distinctive appeal of each of the three festivals has earned West Cork Music many loyal, repeat customers who are keen to be a part of its top-quality programming.

Two of these regular visitors – Armen Vartian and Candice Foss – were so inspired by the dream of one day establishing a permanent venue, they set up the not-for-profit organisation American Friends of West Cork Music.

‘We have been coming to West Cork Music’s festivals and events since 2006, and have a deep love for WCM and for West Cork,’ said Armen and Candice, the president and vice-president of the new organisation.

Armen and Candice said they now hope to follow the example led by other American Friends groups and offer real support to the arts in West Cork.

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