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Tell me about ... World Water Day objectives

March 21st, 2024 10:08 AM

Tell me about ... World Water Day objectives Image

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Co-founders of WiseWater Elaine Moynihan and Katie McShane outline the role we can all play in preserving water

Tell us about Cork-foundedWiseWater? 

We are youth and community workers who specialise in sustainability and are advocates for the profound connection between water and human wellbeing. At the core of WiseWater is education that inspires. WiseWater deliver fun and immersive workshops and seminars to schools, community groups and workplaces by creatively bringing the magic and power of water to life. We believe that for people to want to care and protect our environment they first need to have a relationship with it. WiseWater brings the magic of water to life, fostering a deep connection and new perspective to water and the connection between personal well-being and environmental sustainability. Blue health is scientific research that shows being in, around or near water enhances physical and mental wellbeing. WiseWater takes the concept of blue health to new depths as alongside promoting water for wellbeing our educational and fun workshops inspire people to care and protect the water environment. Each experiential workshop conveys how and why we need water and how and why water needs us. Through our strong message that, ‘every drop counts,’ we empower individuals and communities to embrace positive change, both for themselves, our communities and the environment. 

How are you marking World Water Day this year? 

World Water Day is on Friday, March 22nd and this year’s theme is ‘water for peace’ which focuses on the critical role water plays in the stability and prosperity of the world. To celebrate world water day, WiseWater will host a beach clean-up on Garrylucas beach on Saturday March 23rd at 11am. With the beach rubbish collected, along with those who collected it, we aim to create a human and plastic peace symbol on the beach. The event is about the fun, connection and appreciation of water and raising awareness about the importance of preserving our water environment. Supporting the event is local Wild Wellness Sauna who will kindly provide free sauna sessions for those filling a bag of beach rubbish.

In line with this year’s theme our aim is to craft a symbol of peace amidst the destruction we’ve caused to the environment. We want to make a stand together to preserve, protect and care for our water environment. We  hope that this event and symbol of peace can bring heightened awareness to water and ripple out to create waves of change in our relationship with water.

What three things can we all do to help preserve water? 

Reimagining our relationship with water is essential to the future of water quality and care in Ireland. If we can begin to change our relationship with water and not just see it as a never ending resource flowing from our taps, naturally we will begin to use it more wisely. Brushing our teeth while leaving the tap on takes 14 litres of water so small changes, like turning off the tap while brushing teeth can save significant amounts of water. This also applies to leaving the shower run or tap on while washing dishes or vegetables, we can save water when we are more aware.

Improving  the quality of our waterways requires both collective and individual action. Learning about water environments and engaging with local politicians is important. But individually we can all help make a difference. If you are on a walk by a river, lake or sea, embracing the ‘rule of three’ – picking up at least three pieces of rubbish during walks – can contribute to a cleaner water environment. Remember every drop counts, each drop becomes a ripple and each ripple a wave in the conservation and care for water. Every little thing we can do, together through our combined efforts, we can protect and continue to enjoy Ireland’s water for the future.

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