TD won’t be ‘bullied’ into taking vaccine

December 21st, 2020 10:30 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Michael Collins says take your GP’s advice.

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CORK South West Independent TD Michael Collins has said he will seek ‘clarity’ on the Covid-19 vaccine before taking it.

He said any decision to take the vaccine would be based on ‘the medical advice’ he receives from his doctor.

Deputy Collins, along with two other Independent TDs, came in for criticism last week when they told a radio survey that they would not automatically take the vaccine.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Deputy Collins – who announced this week that he has an underlying health condition – said he is only seeking clarity on the vaccine and that his words were ‘misinterpreted’ by some politicians.

‘I said I wouldn’t take the vaccine until I had received advice from my doctor, but you then had some immature politicians screaming and roaring at me and putting things up on Twitter about me,’ said Deputy Collins.

‘I have an underlying health condition and I certainly won’t be taking it until I have a full consultation with my medical professionals, and maybe I’m not allowed to take it, so I don’t know.’

Deputy Collins said he would advise people who have concerns about taking the vaccine to consult with their medical professionals.

‘We don’t want people being bullied into taking it or bullied into not taking it, and we should be having a mature discussion on it. Everyone should be comfortable about taking this vaccine and when I said this, I didn’t say I had this underlying medical condition, as that was private, but I was forced to say I had and that was unfair.’

Deputy Collins said that if his doctor recommends him to take the vaccine, then he will give serious consideration to taking it.

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