Stagnant water in pit worrying elderly residents

March 18th, 2024 12:00 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Jennifer O’Malley says the water pumps in the Skibbereen pit are no longer working and the water is now stagnant.

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A SEPTUAGENARIAN has welcomed Cork County Council’s involvement in dealing with a stagnant water health issue near her home at Convent Hill in Skibbereen.

Jennifer O’Malley, who has lived in one of the houses for the elderly for the last five years, first complained in 2021 about stagnant water that was left to stagnate in the hollowed-out pit in the foreground of the former convent building at North Street.

The buildings were subsequently sold to Remcoll Capital and that company installed a pumping system to deal with the problem. However, in recent months, Jennifer O’Malley said the pumps have stopped working and thousands of gallons of water are again being left to stagnate.

Acting on behalf of the residents of Convent Hill, Jennifer O’Malley contacted The Southern Star and complained about the pooling of the malodourous water.

She said Remcoll was contacted and asked to keep the water under control by the Skibbereen Geriatric Society and by herself.

Jennifer claimed the pumps have not worked for around six months, which means the stagnant water is attracting problematic bugs and insects.

The resident said the water is also contributing to a problem with airborne mould.

The Southern Star did not get a response from Remcoll Capital. But a spokesperson for Cork County Council confirmed that it had engaged with the owners of the property to establish a timeframe for the reinstatement of power to the site to facilitate reactivation of the pumps.

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