Shannonvale village park closed off due to poo!

March 26th, 2018 10:10 PM

By Jackie Keogh

David Edwards stands outside 'no man's land' at what was once Shannonvale's public park.

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A village park at Shannonvale has been cordoned off because it is full of poo due to a leaking septic tank.

A VILLAGE park at Shannonvale has been cordoned off because it is full of poo due to a leaking septic tank.

Chairperson of Shannonvale Community Association, David Edwards, confirmed that Irish Water had agreed to replace the tank, which is less than 10m from the edge of the park and which services part of the village, with a new treatment works. 

But he said the site – a one-acre public park– has been cordoned off for more than a year and nothing has been done.

‘Families and children used to use the park a lot, especially during the summer months, but now it is more of an eyesore than an amenity,’ said David.

‘Worse than that, it is a health hazard. Where else in the world would you find a park with leaking effluent for all to see?’

The chairperson said the problem is, at this stage, historic because four years ago, a Shannonvale resident, who lives about 50 yards from the tank, took samples from the run-off going into the nearby Argideen River and sent it for testing.

David said the results were dire and a complaint was made to Cork County Council and a Council crew did some remedial works to the tank. But now the problem comes under the jurisdiction of Irish Water.

According to the community chairperson, ‘We were told by Irish Water that the project would go ahead in November 2017 and that the park would be opened no later than the summer. But no work has started, so we feel we have to highlight the situation.’

Local politicians, Chris O’Sullivan (FF) and Paul Hayes (SF) have repeatedly raised the issue at Western Committee meetings, but they were advised on Tuesday to make direct representations to Irish Water. 

Cllr Hayes said: ‘It is unfair that the community has been left in limbo. Furthermore, the water services report we received at this week’s meeting of the Western Division of Cork County Council is quite worrying because it appears that plans to rectify the long-standing sewage issue in Shannonvale has slipped down Irish Water’s list of priorities.’


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