Overnight water restrictions return to Clonakilty

September 26th, 2022 9:30 AM

By Southern Star Team

Without the night time restrictions, parts of Clonakilty would have insufficient supplies during the day.

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WATER restrictions were reintroduced in Clonakilty this week.

Due to the continued high demand for water after the recent hot weather, combined with the ongoing low rainfall levels, the night-time restrictions were back from  from 11pm-7am since last Monday until Friday morning.

The restrictions are required to give the reservoirs time to replenish and are necessary during this off-peak time, as it is possible that there would be insufficient water supply to homes and businesses during daytime hours without some measures being put in place.

Areas affected include the entire Clonakilty urban network. In particular, high ground areas such as Youghals, Cloheen, Ladys Cross, The Bypass Road, Cottage Road, Fernhill Road, The Miles, Tawnies Lower and Barrick Hill will experience a reduction in pressure and flow during the restrictions.

The water conservation order introduced in West Cork remains in place and Irish Water again urged communities to play their part in conserving water.

Niall O’Riordan of Irish Water said this week: ‘Unfortunately, we must again take the decision to reintroduce night-time restrictions given the ongoing high demand along with the continuation of dry weather. The people of Clonakilty have had to go through a lot with restrictions and the Water Conservation Order, so I want to thank them, and the whole of West Cork, for having patience and playing their part in conserving water. This must be very inconvenient for everyone, but it is necessary to maintain reservoir levels and ensure a sufficient water supply to homes and businesses during normal working hours.’

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