Objections to new Eir mast in Baltimore

September 8th, 2023 11:45 AM

By Jackie Keogh

A graphic depicting what the mast would look like if it went ahead in the village of Baltimore.

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AN estimated 45 objections to a planning application to erect a 15m telecommunications mast in Baltimore have been lodged with Cork County Council. Eircom has applied for permission to remove an existing 7m wooden pole and erect a 15m telecommunications monopole, antennas, dishes and associated telecommunications equipment, all enclosed by security fencing.

The proposed location for the mast is at the Eir exchange at Cliff Estate in Baltimore, a residential area that is high on the skyline in Baltimore.

The Council is due to make its decision on the planning application on September 11th. 

In the meantime, lots of strongly-worded submissions were lodged with the local authority, including one by resident Helen Collins.

She pointed out that the Council’s own planning recommendations say telecommunications masts should not be located in residential areas.

‘Telecommunications masts are not supposed to be located within 100 metres of residences,’ she said, ‘but there are 73 houses, three bars and restaurants, one inhabited castle, one heritage church, and one hotel, all within 100m of the proposed mast.’

Some of the objectors say the mast will be unsightly and will be visible from all points in the village, as well as to those approaching the village from the harbour.

One resident claimed the mast would be visually obtrusive, and a blight on the skyline of the popular tourist village. 

They called for it to be installed in a more suitable location.

Residents say that Eircom, in its own application, has described as ‘very good, and good’ the existing mobile phone reception in Baltimore village.

Another local, Ruth Field, said the existing wooden mast seems to be serving its function.

‘It isn’t offensive, or in any way obtrusive,’ she said, ‘but the mast Eircom is planning is much bigger and not appropriate for a residential setting.

‘I don’t see the point,’ she added, ‘in doubling the size of the mast in a beautiful residential village.’

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