No takers so far for wedding ring found at supermarket

August 11th, 2022 7:10 AM

By Brian Moore

The ring is still waiting to be reunited with its owner.

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HAVE you lost a wedding ring in Skibbereen?

Two weeks ago Kathleen O’Donovan spotted a wedding ring on the ground as she left the Aldi store in Skibbereen.

‘I saw the ring on the ground just by the trollies outside the main door,’ Kathleen told The Southern Star.

‘It’s not engraved but I’ve put a notice up on all social media, as well as the Skibbereen Notice Board [online] but have had no reply yet.’

Kathleen contacted The Southern Star as she thinks the wedding band, which may be a female’s ring, might have belonged to an older person.

‘I’ve tried Facebook and Twitter and the local notice board,’ Kathleen said.

‘It has been over two weeks now and no one has been on about it. I feel this could have huge sentimental value. I just want to be able to return this to the rightful owner.’

If you think this might be your wedding band, email the Star at [email protected]

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